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Best memes 2019, the top 10 ranking

The best memes of 2019, the ones that made us laugh and think. Below is the ranking of the best viral images of 2019.

THE best memes of 2019 gathered in a top ten to understand what made us laugh the most, what we like to see online and how people taste online

What are Memes

Memes are those images that make people laugh shared on social and messaging apps. Having become increasingly popular, memes are now a tool known by all. Intuitive and quick to forward (as well as to be created for those who want to make friends and relatives laugh), a meme often guarantees a smile who receives it. Over the years, unexpected subjects and characters have become protagonists of this trend which, in the form of gifs, photos or videos, have made the world of the Internet worthy of note, at least in the field of entertainment. Here is the ranking of the best memes of 2019.

The best Memes of 2019

10. Sonic


In tenth place among the best memes of 2019 there is Sonic. The power of the fans can do everything: when the first images of the new film dedicated to Sonic, the protagonist of a long saga of video games, were released, the reaction of the admirers was negative. Too different from the original, excessively modernized and certainly ugly. The video game lovers of the blue animal have thus managed to change the graphics of the protagonist of the film that also has Jim Carrey in the cast. The first Sonic to become a meme thanks, so to speak, for its not quite bewitching appearance.

9. Bottle Cap challenge

Best memes 2019

The challenges are social competitions that depopulate on social networks such as TikTok and Twitter. The race to remove the bottle caps in an original way become a meme of 2019 given the many shares. VIPs and not only have ventured into this practice by experienced athletes, and not. Mariah Carey started the bottle battle and managed to do it with the vibrations of his deputy, then the challenge went viral and he enters right among the best memes of the year.

8. Marie Kondo

Best memes 2019

A show on Netflix has made the Japanese famous Marie Kondo. The protagonist of the TV series takes care of fixing the houses of those who cannot tidy up their rooms. Kondo's gentle but severe methods have made her one of the most prominent characters of the year and one of the most appreciated memes.

7. Area 51

Invasion Area 51 technical

This is the scheme of the invasion of area 51, a real tactic to reach the secret rooms

On Facebook, the event to invade Area 51, an American military base where aliens would be hidden, which went viral in a few weeks. When, however, there was to be presented in front of the soldiers, few had the courage to really do it. The event was, however, discussed everywhere, on newscasts and on social media, making it rightfully part of the best memes of 2019.

6. Game of Thrones Khaleesi

Meme 2019

The Game of Thrones show has closed its doors with the last season, awaiting sequels and prequels. A frame starring Emilia Clarke, who in the series plays the heroine Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen, has depopulated on the web because of the ironic and unusual face that characterizes the actress. To be used for a bit of healthy satire and to smile with one of the best memes of 2019.

5. Lil Nas

Lil Nas best Memes

Tiktok the social of 2019: used by Generation Z and by digital natives all over the world, the Chinese-owned app has reached nearly a billion people. Among the users, some have found unexpected fame, like the rapper Lil Nas that from a simple video jumped on top of the classic music thanks to the memes and posts dedicated to him.

4. Instagram egg

Photos with more likes on Instagram

Here is the photo with the most likes on Instagram, 25 million for an egg

In early 2019 an egg became the most shared post on Instagram. Simply to make the egg become the most viewed photo on the Instagram network: a successful initiative and the egg still has the like record. Obviously the icon now used in gifs and movies of all kinds, among the top meme of 2019.

3. Keanu Reeves

Best memes 2019

Not only animated characters or ordinary people, memes can even include famous and well-known actors. the case of the actor of Keanu Reeves, now a real web idol. The protagonist of Matrix and Speed ??today a message to use for serious and hilarious answers, thanks to his funny faces that make him arrive on the podium of best memes 2019.

2. Baby Yoda

Best memes 2019 Baby Yoida

From the new film by Star Wars to the world fame the short step. Baby Yoda already a character loved by many with t-shirts, objects and gadgets dedicated to him. The gifs with his innocent face are everywhere on Whatsapp and on Facebook pages, a viral meme right away. Still now one of the most appreciated meme of the moment.

1. Cat at the table

viral memes

In the first place among the best memes of 2019 there is a cat

Cats, after all, are the kings of the web, it is no wonder that at the top of the ranking of the best memes there is a feline …