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Verizon: "iPhone has yet to prove to be a real hit"

enero 7, 2020

Verizon: "iPhone has yet to prove that it is a real success" – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Nothing yet said about the long-term success of the iPhone. This is what Verizon, one of the two main competitors of At & T, the telephone company that exclusively (for five years) has been distributing the telephone and providing cellular connectivity, says.

"Despite the great emphasis placed on the subject by the media – said Steve Zipperstein, Verizon's general councilor during a hearing in front of the telecommunications subcommittee of the Chamber of Deputies where the future of the industry was discussed – iPhone remains a product available on the market for just two weeks. The reactions of the market are still evolving and it can be said that for a final word on the real success of the phone we have yet to wait ”.

During the session Zipperstein confirmed what several sources had unofficially reported: Apple also contacted Verizon to verify the possibility of an agreement on the iPhone. "But at that time we didn't judge the commercial proposal as of our interest," said the manager of the American carrier.

Verizon's opinion on iPhone is relevant not only because it is AT & t's main competitor and with its opponent one of the two protagonists of the telephone market in the United States, but because it is controlled, at least in part, by Vodafone. The British company allegedly, at least according to some sources, also rejected an agreement with Apple on the iPhone in Europe, advancing reasons of commercial opportunity.

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