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Live from USA: Apple iPhone for sale

enero 7, 2020

5.59 PM

Antonio Mattaliano is queuing to buy his iPhone at the Apple Store Soho New York .. at 6 o'clock in the afternoon local time the shop has opened its doors but Antonio will have to wait several minutes to buy his Apple branded mobile phone , the long line and Antonio who cannot waste hours and days of his work not among the very first to enter.

Considering the fact that each person will be able to directly purchase two iPhones and that not everyone can afford it Antonio is confident that he will be able to enter around 6:30 local time and to take home the coveted trophy to put his first photos online and then post his impressions just returned to his study.

6.00 am

Apple has been speaking: at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, Atlantic time, not a second more, not a second less, put its website off-line for online sales. This is how it began, with a "come back soon" entirely dedicated to the iPhone, the era of Apple's mobile phone.

While, in fact, the customers of the shops on the east coast passed through the doors of the stores, the shop window on the Internet closed so as not to give anyone any advantage in terms of purchase. In fact, leaving online sales open would have allowed those in other time zones left at home to buy before those who lined up.

Meanwhile, those who are currently buying the phones will not be able to take home more than two if they enter Apple stores. The measure was prepared to prevent someone from hoarding cell phones and then selling them on eBay or in any case to the highest bidder. A form of respect that is well accepted by Americans who in some cases will have shown peaks of madness by queuing up days before the launch of the iPhone, but who prove to be very correct and not at all inclined to exploit the privileges.

Suffice it to say that in front of the Prince Street store in New York there were Spike Lee and Woopy Goldberg and that in San Jose from 3.30 Wozniak was queuing which also had an iPhone guaranteed and promised by Jobs.


The mayor of the city who was waiting to enter the Apple Store was seen in Philadelhia around three o'clock. The first citizen left when, around eleven o'clock, someone started to bother him, pointing out that the mayor of a center where there are several murdered deaths every day would have to deal with other things than not wait 15 hours in a row for his shift to buy a phone.

Here is one of the first lucky ones with the iPhone still to be activated

little boy

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iphone 3

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