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WhatsApp adds two-step security verification

enero 6, 2020

Not only the code sent via SMS, but also a six-character password: in addition, in order not to run into problems, it will be useful to provide an email address

WhatsApp verifies 2 steps

Two-step verification also for WhatsApp: in the latest beta version of the app for Android the functionality is available and all leads to think that soon the final version will also make it possible to take advantage of a greater security protocol.

Upon the usual request for confirmation of the code sent via sms every time the app is installed on a new device, WhatsApp adds a 6-character code, as an additional level of verification. For already active accounts, the function is installed by following the path Settings> Accounts> 2-Step Verification (two-step verification).

Even if it is not necessary to re-enter the second access code every time, the service will request it "periodically". Probably, the request will come following a period of suspect inactivity.

However, the support page of the service offers some explanations. For example, let me know that before turning on 2-step verification, it will be possible to insert insert your email, so that WhatsApp can send the user a link to disable the 6-character code, if forgotten.

If an e-mail address is not provided and the code is forgotten, the user will not be allowed to re-verify his account for seven days from the last use. Past these, you can re-check even without code, losing for pending messages. The somewhat complex mechanism, and seems to invite everyone to enter their own email address, to avoid inconvenient accidents.

This is not the only novelty of the high security service, strongly promoted by the CEO, Koum:Nobody offers an encryption service like ours ",he said recently in Italy. "The messages inside the platform are safe, nobody can read them. Neither a company nor a government ".

In fact, lately, alerts appeared in chats such as "The username changed security code". The notification serves to alert the participants of the conversation that the code linked to that encrypted chat has changed, which happens because probably someone has reinstalled the app or simply changed their phone."Each of your chats has its own security code used to verify that the calls and messages you send in a particular chat are end-to-end encrypted", reads on the site.

The code is found on the contact info screen, both as a QR code and as a 60-digit code. They are unique for each chat, therefore comparable between the participants to verify that the messages sent in that chat are end-to-end encrypted.


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