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The YouTube virtual reality app debuts on Daydream

The reality of YouTube entirely 360 with voice search and spatial audio

The YouTube VR app in theater mode

YouTube debuts with its virtual reality app on Daydream, the platform on which the Google viewer is presented, presented just over a month ago and which has finally thought also of those who, to take a tour of the 360 ??virtual world, would like to be able continue to wear your own eyeglasses.

(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)(Photo: Maurizio Pesce / Wired)

In the main part of the screen, in Theater mode, there will be the video, with title and description that "float" sideways. A series of commands will be managed by the controller, supplied as an attachment with the design viewer: it is no coincidence that the company specified that it was inspired in its creation, to clothes, rather than gadgets.

As YouTube itself explains, the app includes a number of features that the user is familiar with, such as the voice search and the memory that keeps track of the channels to which they subscribed. By logging into your account, therefore, you can browse subscriptions and playlists.

The platform provides some advice for getting started, such asMedith Foster's videos, the vlogger of beauty that speaks from his apartment, or Tastemade, for those who love cooking. For lebreaking news in VR there is HuffPost RYOT, but no one forgets, given that the sweet animated story of Pearl was also included in the trailer.


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