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The "Works with iPhone" program starts

enero 6, 2020

The "Works with iPhone" program starts – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

After ‘Made for iPod’, ‘Works for iPhone’. At the same time as the launch of the new mobile phone, Apple launches a new identification system for accessories compatible with one of its products.

The confirmation of the initiative, which has a high strategic value, on the phone comes from the FAQs that appeared online over the past few minutes. In response to the question 'can I use accessories with iPhone', it is explicitly mentioned that the products designed and certified to work with iPhone 'will have a logo with the word Works with iPhone'.

As mentioned, Apple follows the path traveled with iPods whose important ecosystem of accessories has not gone off course thanks to the certification program offered by Cupertino; those who buy an accessory with the 'Made for iPod' logo in fact certain that the product they are buying certainly works with their player. For iPhone it will be the same with an additional benefit for customers. If, in fact, with iPod, bad that it goes, the accessory does not work, with iPhone you run the risk of having disturbances on communications given the widespread use of wireless technologies.

Even Apple could have some very concrete advantages. To certify a product as Made for iPod (and use the dock connection) Cupertino claims the payment of royalties which multiplied by the hundreds of thousands of products sold total a nice nest egg. Indeed, it is possible, very likely, that the same thing will also happen for 'Works with iPhone'.

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