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iPhone will activate through iTunes

enero 6, 2020

iPhone will be activated through iTunes – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

ITunes will be required for iPhone activation. Here is revealed the reason why an account for the Aple store was required in the phone requirements.

Enabling through iTunes, Apple explains, will avoid long waits in stores. The store interface guides the user through a series of successive steps and at the end of the activation it will then be possible to synchronize contacts, email accounts, browser bookmarks and digital contents, both movies and music such as Podcasts.

'Self-service activation – says Randall Stephenson, CEO of At & T – another example of the partnership we have established with Apple to bring innovative new functions to our customers. It is just an example of how with this product we will really change the course of the industry in this sector "

In addition to users, Apple will also benefit from the system, which will find a good number of new accounts that it probably would not have had had it not been for the obligation to go through the store.

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