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Here is LG's OLED TV unrolling from the ceiling

Last year at CES 2019, LG had drawn attention to OLED TV R Signature, a 65-inch TV that rolled up inside an aluminum base, and which had aroused particular interest from the public and critics. At CES 2020, LG Display will present the latest iteration of its rollable TV line, a 65-inch UHD OLED display concept that drops from the ceiling. The company says the screen can be lowered when desired and rolled up when not in use, thus maximizing space in the home.

Although it may seem like only a small change, it was not easy to flip a rollable TV. Tim Alessi, director of LG new product development, told CNET last January that the first rollable OLED model was designed to be only rolled up while there was no mechanism to orient the image, therefore impossible to hang upside down. At the moment there are still no details on how LG Display has solved the ceiling height problem, but things will become clear at CES 2020 next week.

Here is LG's OLED TV unrolling from the ceiling

At the same trade show LG will bring other new screens, including three specifically designed for flight: a series of 55-inch OLED video walls for aircraft cabins, a 55-inch Full HD transparent OLED display that acts as a partition between the screen and the corridor, and a flexible 65-inch UHD foldable OLED screen on both ends, obviously designed for the first class.

For down-to-earth consumers, however, there will be the 88-inch Cinematic Sound 8K OLED display with an 11.2-channel system, and cinematic sound, in addition to the 77-inch UHD cinema OLED with a particularly thin screen. The audio systems are integrated into both of these displays, while for the automotive department, LG will show its OLED displays in a variety of sizes. And finally, for commercial spaces, there will be interactive in-TOUCH displays, including an 86-inch LCD screen that will also act as an electronic whiteboard, with the possibility of supporting four pens at the same time.

LG has previously revealed some gadgets without displays that will lead to CES 2020, including a system for growing indoor vegetables and a soundbar guided by artificial intelligence.