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Toca Boca launches children's TV, with 2 thousand videos to watch in streaming

enero 5, 2020

Original or licensed videos, all exclusively verified before they are available: a safe environment, built with children in mind


Tutorial to put the glaze or cook biscuits, puppet theaters (not necessarily understood in the classic sense of the term), dance videos: the children's TV is now called Toca TV. The trusted brand: Toca Boca, the children's app developer from Sweden who signs five of the ten most downloaded paid apps in the United States,with 140 million downloads. After being launched in Canada in 2015 and being tested in both Australia and New Zealand, Toca TV is now available in App Stores around the world.

The explosion of videos confirmed daily by research: streaming is eating internally an activity like that of Toca Boca could not afford to fall behind on this front. To do it for, he decided to follow a precise editorial line, which not only speaks the language of the little ones, but ensures that it is always a safe environment. Every video present has been checked by an employee of the company and earned a score obtained from an evaluation system built by the company itself.

The subscription costs 5.49 euros per month, but a free trial is available. The platform offers videos directly created by the company, an interactive game part and other licensed content. In this case, the producers are paid with the usual model: the more videos are viewed, the more they will earn (with a percentage retained by the company). At the launch, the proportion will be 100 original Toca Boca videos out of about 2 thousand in total, but 50 new ones will be added every week (including two originals).


The underlying concept is always the one dear to the company, and that is to think like children, a mechanism that cannot be reached "Changing an existing engine and replacing guns with cakes",executive producer J Milligan told"You can get there by building, starting from the games that children love to play".

Examples are the company's splendid apps, simple in their complexity. Just take Toca Hair Salon, with which children can create characters by creating haircuts of all kinds, with a highly interactive, and above all immediate component.Children love the experiences they can replicate, which they can feel part of. If the schedule will live up to the other creations that came from the Swedish house, it will be all worth seeing.


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