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"Say Hello to iPhone. Today. ”Apple writes to US users

enero 5, 2020

At midnight tonight, Italian time, that is, 6 pm on the east coast of the United States, the iPhone arrives. Apple has prepared everything it could and only today the first "hidden" photos of applications that have not yet been seen on the iPhone begin to circulate (for example: the wheels similar to the reels of a slot machine to set the time and the alarm date in the alarm and calendar functions) in addition to the numerous educational videos created by Apple itself which showed the different functions, capabilities and ways of using the iPhone. There was also the propitiatory meeting of Steve Jobs with the employees of the company – unprecedented in the history of Apple – with a welcome gift from an iPhone to all permanent and part-time employees for more than a year. Everything is ready, in short, only one thing was missing.

It was the official welcome from the company to the new appliance, a sort of signal that also functions as a starter to finally begin sales of the most anticipated product of the last ten years (and in the technology sector, probably always). Well, that also arrived. With an email sent from News (AT), which then the address that the Cupertino company uses to send promotional information to the US buyers of the company's products, the long-awaited email has arrived.

In this way, we can perhaps say it with confidence, at this point there is really nothing left but to wait for the opening hours of the Apple and At & T stores and take, for the lucky people in the queue who will succeed, the long-awaited object of desires. In the next few hours we will tell you how the first day on the iPhone market is going.

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