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No, there are no Pokémon inspired by Donald Trump

The two new Pokmon designed by Nintendo for the Sun and Moon series are irascible mongooses with a blond forelock, but the creators guarantee that they have conceived them without being inspired by Trump and well before he applied

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You have already seen the images of the two Pokmon mongoose called Yungoos is Gumshoos which are part of the new series Sun and moon? If the first time this happens before your eyes, try to think if someone comes to mind.

Gumshoos and Yungoos (Photo: and Yungoos (Photo:

There is no denying it: the resemblance to the presidential candidate Donald Trump evident, and becomes even more so by reading the characteristics of the two little monsters created by Nintendo for the latest expansion of the game for the 3DS family consoles.


Yungoos, the basic Pokmon, often grits its teeth and has a kind of golden mane that goes down from the forehead to the eyes. In the fairytale region of Alola, where he lives, it is said that he is a big eater with a bad character, but above all that he has the surveillance power (stakeout) and is very skilled in fortifying the place where he lives, blocking access to all other species.


Its only evolution, Gumshoos, always has the appearance of a mongoose, but at the same time assumes the typical posture of a human being. The monster looks older and appears to have a severe attitude. The front legs held behind the back also give it a more solemn and secure appearance. Gumshoos retains the golden mane and the tuft on the forehead but – reads on the in-depth forums – acquires one more tenacious personality and he becomes a very skilled hunter, capable of patiently waiting for the moment to attack his prey.

After the announcement of the new Pokmon, of course, many memes began to circulate on the net about the similarity with Trump, to the point that the site Know your meme he dedicated a long article to the case. To dominate the combing, often associated with the slogan "Make Pokmon great again".

From smiling for a similarity to claiming that the Pokmon was created to intentionally trace the characteristics of Trump, however, we pass. The news that Nintendo somehow wanted to pay homage to the US candidate in fact one hoax, despite the curious coincidence of the official release of the series next time November 18, just ten days after the North American elections.

How can we be sure that the inspiration from the republican politician is one false news? The question was asked by Game informer directly to Junichi Masuda it's at Shigeru Ohmori, who took care of the creation of the new saga. The two explained that although the similarity is undeniable and at times surprising, the origin and concept of the series are very old the period when Donald Trump took the field as presidential candidate. There was therefore no intention of following the traits of a public figure, something which, by the way, has never been done in the creation of all the existing Pokmon.

What Masuda and Ohmori have admitted, however, that often the traits of the new monsters are chosen based on the animals that are in fashion and they are more popular at that time, so as to adapt to children's tastes.

The similarity with Trump, they said, was probably the result of a vision "America-centric" focused on what is happening in the United States, forgetting that Nintendo spread worldwide and in cases like this it does not follow political or news stories from one country.

In short, unwittingly and in unsuspicious times they made one commercial move fantastic, at least for the United States.


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