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Jobs: the iPhone launch will remain in history

enero 5, 2020

Apple's business is a three-legged table: one the Mac, the second 'iPod the third iPhone. This is one of the metaphors used today by Steve Jobs during the meeting with employees that was held today in Cupertino to highlight the relevance of tomorrow, that of the launch of the mobile phone.

During the speech, one of the very rare moments in which the CEO met the employees of the company, reported by Ars Technica, Jobs repeatedly stressed what can be called the historicity of the moment by inviting them to be proud of being in Apple in this moment "You will tell your grandchildren that you were here when the iPhone was launched and that it was worth it." The Apple administrator compared the phone to the first Mac: "When it was introduced, everyone began to think about what the day would be like when computers would work the same way. It will be the same with iPhone. " Jobs then explained that iPhone was born from the fact that everyone hates phones that use "the fruit of Apple's ability (obviously NDR) to create products whose functions are easily usable and self-explanatory".

Jobs then gave some hints on the future of other products as well. As far as Macs are concerned, those on the launch pad are the best ever seen while "what will come next year will be out of scale". A nod to the new iPods hinted at important news. The software group working on Mac Os X and iPhone would be at work on the players, which would suggest that tomorrow's MP3 players could have very advanced functions, perhaps they could be a sort of iPhone without cellular phones.

As for Apple TV Jobs, he said he hopes it will be the fourth leg of the company's business in the future, but for now most of the efforts are focused on the iPhone.

Finally, by answering some questions, Jobs said that the decision to launch iPhone at six in the evening was dictated by the fact that we wanted a time after work so as to allow a large influx of customers to the shops. The choice of Edge was instead justified with the fact that (in the USA) this network is more widespread than 3G and with the fact that 3G phones consume more batteries than Edge ones.

At the end of the meeting, Jobs announced that all 17,787 full-time Apple employees will have an iPhone as a gift. Part-time employees will have an iPhone if they have been working with Apple for more than a year. The phones will be delivered in late July when the big wave of purchases should have calmed down a bit.

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