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With YouTube Go videos can be watched even without a connection

enero 4, 2020

The app also allows you to choose in which resolution to view or save videos, in order to control data consumption

YouTube Go (Photo: Google)YouTube Go (Photo: Google)

YouTube without a connection is called YouTube Go. this is the name of the app to which Google announced the arrival soon. YouTube Go will allow users to save videos to watch offline by providing information on the size and quality of the file, so that they can monitor consumption.

The features as well as the test, carried out in India, make it clear that the app was designed, mainly, for situations of poor connection.

YouTube Go (Photo: Google)YouTube Go (Photo: Google)

The concept behind the application, in fact, revolves around the Smart Offline functionlaunched in India last year. "In an increasingly mobile-first world, India offers us the indications to understand what the future of the internet will be",wrote CEO Sundar Pichai: "In addition, we understand that the issues that Indian citizens have with connectivity and data traffic limits can be universal".

In addition to allowing the archiving of videos that will appear in the "Saved" tab next to that of the home page, and the possibility of choosing in which definition to view or save them, YouTube Go also gives the possibility of exchange them, in the absence of data, with a nearby telephone (Do you remember Bump? In fact, right up to Google).

Indian users can already sign up to try the application, while it is not known when it will be officially launched in the rest of the world. Of course, when the project is expanded, there will be no more problems on what to see during train travel.


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