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Playing Pokémon Go is good for your health

enero 4, 2020

Those who play extend their life expectancy: Stanford researchers have discovered it in collaboration with Microsoft

Pokemon Go

Call for alarms: playing Pokmon Go keeps you fit. The influence of the game on health was analyzed in a study created by Stanford University which involved around 32 thousand people, those able and willing to wear the Microsoft Band.

According to the researchers, the overall gaming activity has so far added 144 billion steps to the overall daily step count, and 192 more per head, thus assuming that players between the ages of 15 and 49 continued to play 'infinite (a nightmare), this could amount to an addition of 41.1 extra days in terms of life expectancy.

It is clear that the study suffers from a series of projections into the infinite world of "ifs" and some limits. For example: researchers tracked players for only 30 days before and after what they called the game's start date. And while the game is still extremely popular, it's also true that the number of players dropped by over 10 million from the peak of 45 millionmid-July.

In addition to the steps, other types of data were crossed: for example, to study the impact of the game on who wore the Bands, they were detected search data on engines (Bing, to stay on topic). Taking into consideration only specific research keys on the game so not the generic "Pokmon Go" and just the sample is restricted to 1420 players. Having done this, they compared the activity of a group of normal users of Microsoft wearable (50 thousand) with that of the remaining players. So they found that the latter walked much more, for an equivalent of "2724 you walk around the equator, or 143 times there and back to the moon".


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