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Investors like the new iPhone battery

The increase in iPhone battery life seems to be considered a strategic factor for investors. This is what we are led to consider by scrolling yesterday's stock market indices. in fact, this announcement was sufficient, totally marginal compared to the entire strategic, functional and marketing structure of the iPhone to bring back massive purchases on the Cupertino title.

After the press release announcing that the phone's battery supported up to eight hours of talk time and 24 hours of music playback, AAPL got up to speed at the end of the day at 125.18 cents, a historic record at closing, higher than 124.49 registered on May 8.

The downturns of the days following WWDC were thus completely reabsorbed when AAPL had been subject to a series of speculative benefits taking on the wave of the reduced number of news presented by Steve Jobs.

In this regard, Blackfriars Marketing analyst Carl Howe notes that the fall in the stock market for Apple in the WWDC margin is not exactly new. Since 2005, when Jobs finishes talking, investors have been selling, causing losses of around 8%. More than a 'curse', to use a term used by someone, the reduction perhaps to be attributed to the excessive expectations attributed to the event. For some time WWDC has been a moment specifically dedicated to developers that is only occasionally used to introduce important consumer news, those that tickle the palate of sites dedicated to indiscretions and investors.