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At & T stores closed for two hours before the iPhone launch

enero 4, 2020

At & T stores closed for two hours before iPhone launch – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Two hour stop. Here is what At & T plans for its chain of stores on an American scale to prepare the launch of the iPhone which takes place on June 29 at 18 o'clock in the whole United States. The decision to close all active stores in the US for 120 minutes is communicated by some US sites, which would have received the information directly from the store managers.

Around four in the afternoon, local time of the four time zones in which the United States is divided, the shutters will essentially go down for two reasons. The first to prevent waiting people from crowding inside the shops, confining them outside, the second in the need to prepare the stands and displays dedicated to iPhones with the necessary tranquility and without too curious eyes on them.

As already reported by Macity in recent weeks, At & T would have set up impressive two-meter high displays with Wifi and connectivity, flyers and all sorts of iPhone marketing support. Some stores would also have been asked to adapt the power lines and increase the bandwidth available for the Internet connection so as to allow the best possible user experience for customers who come in to test mobile phones in person.

At & T stores on the day of the iPhone launch will remain open until 10 in the evening and in some large cities even until midnight.

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