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With TrueCaller, goodbye to spam calls even on iPhone

enero 3, 2020

With iOS 10, the app that intercepts spam calls will also work on iPhone

After integrating with Truedialer, to avoid calling busy users and not finding them, TrueCaller finally announces the anti-spam function also for iOS. After the launch of the new iPhone7 and the arrival iOS 10, the company has announced that the application will be able to mark an incoming call as spam, allowing the user to choose whether or not to answer.

The app function, already available on Android, now extendable to iOS thanks to the integration of CallKit by Apple, which allowed developers to access call information.

TrueCaller owes its operation to a very large user base that marks unwanted calls and shares information. Users can also name the numbers, such as "insurance call centers" and so on.

In addition, the application provides more information on incoming calls when they come from users who have decided to connect their account to social networks. For those who have urticaria problems with promotional text messages and spam via chat, TrueCaller has implemented the Truemessenger application. Nothing happens without the latter's consent, misuse not recommended to strenuous privacy lovers.

For full operation, we must wait for the arrival of iOS 10.


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