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Pokemon Go, here's what to expect from the new update

enero 3, 2020

Improved the function that shows nearby Pokmon, introduced dialog boxes and fixed some minor bugs

pokemon_go_photo.0.0Niantic, the company that developed Pokemon Go, has released a new one update for Android (version 0.33.0) and per iOS (version 1.3.0). The most important new features are the improvements to the function that shows i Pokmon nearby, called "Sightings". A similar function with increased potential was released during testing only to a limited number of users who are given the opportunity to know which Pokmon are located near the nearest Pokstop. Niantic is therefore trying to limit the use of the apps radar provided by third parties. It will be more difficult to intervene on physical objects that perform similar tasks.

Also, when one is registered sustained travel speed, a dialog box reminds you that it is not appropriate to play while driving and asks the player to confirm that he is a passenger on board the vehicle. Solution that does not guarantee anything, but which allows Niantic to download any responsibilities.

Corrections include the reintroduction of the function battery saving (iOs) and the bug fix that did not assign i experience points for the launches Nice shot, Great is Excellent.

Improved the accuracy of the curved shot and the medal icons that were wrong. Trainers can also change your name, but only once. Even after this update our game tips remain valid.


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