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22 Handy VLC Keyboard shortcuts for Windows and macOS

enero 3, 2020

Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to be productive on a Windows or Mac PC. Keyboard shortcuts simplify and speed up the execution of tasks without reaching the mouse. In addition to the desktop platforms, there are various interesting keyboard shortcuts specific to third-party apps. One of these apps which contains some really useful VLC Media Player keyboard shortcuts. The app is the ideal solution when it comes to watching videos for many and if you are one of them, here are 22 useful VLC keyboard shortcuts for Windows and macOS to use:

1. Full screen

Windows: F

MacOS: command + F

The best way to watch your favorite videos in VLC is to enter full screen mode. Well, this shortcut simplifies the use of one of the most used functions of VLC.

2. Exit FullScreen

Windows: Esc

MacOS: Esc

If you are about to enter full screen mode, you must also exit it. The Esc key will help you exit quickly in full screen.

3. Pause / Play

Windows: space bar

MacOS: space bar

It can be quite annoying to click the pause button when suddenly you need to pause and manage something or quickly pause the video in a certain scene. You can press the Space key to quickly pause the video and press it again to resume from the same scene.

4. Activate / Deactivate subtitles

Windows: V

MacOS: S

Subtitles are useful for understanding a video in foreign languages ​​or just to make sure you don't miss anything that is said in the video. You can quickly turn subtitles on or off with the keyboard shortcut.

5. Skip forward / back

Windows: Ctrl + Left / Right (short), Alt + Left / Right (Medium). Shift + Left / Right (long)

MacOS: Command + Ctrl + Left / Right (short), Command + Option + Left / Right (Medium), Command + Shift + Left / Right (Long)

VLC allows you to quickly move forward or backward using keyboard shortcuts, so you don't have to click precisely to repeat the scene you missed. In addition, it offers multiple shortcuts to move forward or backward at your own pace. Here short means 3 seconds, medium means 10 seconds and long means a 1 minute jump.

6. Control volume

Windows: Ctrl + Up / down arrow

MacOS: command + up / down arrow

Volume is one of the most delicate functions of any media player, you can never know when you may need to be piercing or calming. You can use the VLC connection to quickly decrease or increase the volume. Pressing and holding the volume key moves the cursor quickly, so try tapping multiple times to easily fit it.

7. Mute

Windows: M

MacOS: Command + Option + Gi

The important volume adjustment, but also the quick muting of the volume very useful. Do you think your mom's call is too high? Just use the mute keyboard shortcut to mute the volume.

8. Open file

Windows: Ctrl + O

MacOS: command + O

You can use this link to quickly access the open multimedia window. Here, you can browse your computer to search for multimedia files and play them in VLC media player.

9. Change the appearance

Windows: TO


Depending on the display resolution, the VLC playback window may not fit properly on the screen. Fortunately, you can quickly change the aspect ratio by using the shortcut to set the window according to your preferences.

10. Manage the subtitle delay

Windows: decrease "G", increase "H"

MacOS: decrease "H", increase "J"

It can be really difficult to guarantee the synchronization of the subtitles with the video and the integrated synchronization system can be difficult to experiment. Shortcuts are much easier to use and allow you to quickly increase or decrease the subtitle delays and see the results in real time.

11. Manage audio delay

Windows: decrease "J", increase "K"

MacOS: decrease "F", increase "G"

Similar to subtitles, syncing audio with video can also be a big deal. Fortunately, shortcuts to increase or decrease the delay make audio synchronization easier.

12. Move frame by frame

Windows: IS


You can move your video frame by frame to see every single detail of a scene. Just press the E button to move the video by frame.

13. Hide the controls

Windows: Ctrl + H

MacOS: command + H

If you don't want to go full screen but want the video to occupy most of the screen to remove any distraction, you can simply hide all the controls in VLC. You can use this shortcut to quickly hide the controls or bring them back if they are already hidden.

14. Access preferences

Windows: Ctrl + P

MacOS: command + P

If you like to deal with VLC's preferences to make it work according to your needs, this small shortcut will surely save you two clicks.

15. Manage bookmarks

Windows: Ctrl + B

MacOS: command + B

VLC allows you to bookmark a video at a specific point in time so you can easily continue watching a video from where you left it. If you want to take full advantage of this feature, you need to access the bookmark manager frequently to switch between media files. This shortcut will help you save time and simplify bookmark management.

16. Open and save playlists

Windows: open "Ctrl + L", Save "Ctrl + Y"

MacOS: Open "Command + L", Save "Command + Y"

There is a good chance that you already have multiple playlists to play. You can use the open playlist shortcut to open all your playlists and manage them. You can also save a newly created playlist using the save playlist shortcut.

17. Play the next or previous track in the list

Windows: Next "N", Previous "P"

MacOS : Next "Command + Right Arrow", previous "Command + Left Arrow"

When you're enjoying your playlist, it can be a little frustrating to use the mouse to play the right track. You can use these shortcuts to quickly play the next or previous track in the list.

18. Change zoom mode

Windows: Z

MacOS: Z

you can press Z to quickly scroll through the Zoom mode. Modes include Double, Quarter and Half. The zoom will work only when VLC in windowed mode.

19. Effects menu and access filters

Windows: Ctrl + E

MacOS: command + E

Effects and filters probably one of the most accessible windows in VLC Media Player, as all synchronization and video / audio editing options are present here. The shortcut will certainly help you get there faster.

20. See playing time

Windows: T

MacOS: T

If you need to see how much time has passed and how much time is left in full screen, you don't need to move the mouse cursor. Just press T and you will see the playing time in the upper right corner.

21. Change the playback speed

Windows: increase "+", decrease "-"

MacOS: increase "Command and +", decrease "Command + -"

Speed ​​up or slow down important playback to quickly skip forward or slow down a track for better understanding. You can use these shortcuts to quickly increase and decrease the playback speed.

22. Capture Screenshot

Windows: Shift + S

MacOS: Shift + S

VLC media player allows you to quickly take a screenshot of a video to save it as an image. Just press Shift + S while a video being played and a screenshot will be taken and saved in the "Pictures" folder. You can use it in frame by frame mode to take precise photos of video content.

Ditch the Mouse and try these VLC keyboard shortcuts

These are the most useful VLC keyboard shortcuts that will surely make you productive and help you take common actions on the media player quickly. Of course, it will take you some time to master all the keyboard shortcuts, but once you understand, things will become much faster for you. Well, that's all on my side, but we'd love to hear from you. Let us know the keyboard shortcuts you use most on VLC Media Player.

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