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Videos for rent on iTunes?

enero 2, 2020

Apple is negotiating the launch of an online movie rental service. The rumor bounces off the Financial Times website. The financial newspaper provides few details on the matter, but what it says is enough to suggest that if the indiscretion materialized, it would face a small revolution.

At the moment Apple, in fact, sells the films and does not rent them, with a formula that is substantially identical to the one that follows for online music. The rental of films would meet one of the most pressing requests of the Hollywood market which is wary of the system adopted today by Apple for various reasons, not least piracy, but also for the fact that a film sold once and for all will never be regained. In the case of renting, on the other hand, films are granted in use at a lower price, but they can regenerate higher sales on future occasions. Another element of interest is the fact that some market surveys show that customers are not always interested, especially in the case of films, in having "permanent" ownership of the film if they get a lower cost in return. In the US, in fact, a rented digital film costs just $ 2.99 against $ 14.99 in first visions.

Apple asked about it preferred not to comment. No comment even from the film companies which, however, privately would have admitted to being impatiently waiting for the announcement, which was deemed very interesting. None of the companies that rent Internet movies today can reach as many potential customers as Apple's.

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