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Speck presents the first iPhone accessories

enero 2, 2020

When the iPhone is ready for purchase, some owners would certainly like the possibility to choose from various accessories. Speck has already made his mark, announcing for the middle of the month the release of a quartet of covers dedicated to the Apple mobile phone. Let's see a brief description:

SkinTightPackage consisting of two interchangeable rubber cases, in black and pink, with 360 ° swiveling clip included and can also be used as a stand base. The price will be $ 29.95.

ToughSkinCover in black rubber, similar to the previous one but even more resistant, with corners and edges reinforced by a greater rubbery thickness. Also in this case included an usable clip with stand base and the price the same: 29,95 Dollars.

Holster-ProThis is a semi-cover that simply embraces the mobile phone laterally, leaving it widely uncovered on the edges. On the back, a clip to attach to the belt or trousers. Expected Price: $ 29.95

TechStyle ClassicLeather cover available in black or brown Burberry style, also includes a clip on the back for convenient and practical transport. The cost of the cover will be $ 34.95.

We remind you that Speck products are distributed in Italy by ADL


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