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San Francisco prepares for WWDC and the advent of the iPhone

San Francisco prepares for WWDC and the advent of the iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

A cold and windy San Francisco is preparing for WWDC. For now, the visible signs of what promises to be an event that will go beyond, at least from the point of view of journalistic coverage, the simple "technical" meeting of Apple developers, are still few and all are concentrated around the Moscone complex in the west wing of which seminars will be held for those who create applications and hardware for the Cupertino platform.

At the time of our visit during Friday evening, Pacific time, the workers were working on the two huge white apples on the building's crystal facades. Inside were already hanging some banners that we were not allowed to photograph, one of which praised Mac Os Leopard as "rocket fuel" for the Mac software. A large X stood out, instead, on a completely black banner; behind the Mac Os symbol a sort of bright halo in yellow.

In addition to the operating system that will undoubtedly occupy a large part of the keynote, Jobs will certainly also talk about the iPhone. Apple's mobile phone snakes in news and newspapers and also peeps out in news dedicated to other products. But iPhone also appears in AT&T stores even if only in the form of an image in some banners hanging on the windows on which it is announced its release on June 29th.

In a photo gallery available on this page we show you the first images taken in San Francisco; below a small movie that we made available on YouTube.

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