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No GPS for iPhone (for now)

enero 2, 2020

No GPS for iPhone (for now) – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

No GPS in the first version of the iPhone and the possibility of using the cellular network together with a Wifi hotspot. Here are some of the features so far unknown or in doubt that are revealed by a guide for AT&T shop assistants who appeared online during Saturday.

The guide is not a real summary of the phone's features nor an instruction manual. It does not even seem to include everything that the mobile phone can do since at the beginning it is recommended that those who use it take into account that in the days immediately preceding the launch of the phone, features not present in the guide may be announced. Other peculiarities, it is learned from a text placed at the beginning, could be in the manual.

Despite this, as mentioned, the AT&T document makes known things not previously public such as the mentioned absence of GPS, an option that was among the most popular by the sites that tried to guess the "secret" features of the phone. Those who have compiled the manual seem to anticipate the customers' disappointment in this regard and suggest to the clerks to communicate to those who intend to buy iPhones that "Apple will be made aware of the market interest in this function", a phrase that seems to prelude to the fact that AT&T press Cupertino to make sure that a future version of the phone also has a GPS function.

iPhone is not even able to use instant messaging applications or send MMS; the latter rather surprising gap, at least in light of European standards where sending MMS, although it is probably not at the top of the things you do with a phone, certainly perceived as a common feature. Instead, what iPhone can make forward or receive a call while browsing with Wifi. In addition, iPhone when it finds a Wifi network uses the latter to surf instead of the cellular network.

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