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All existing Pokémon

enero 2, 2020

Pokmon are back in vogue thanks to Pokmon Go. But how many are they, what do they do and, above all, are they really an incredible phenomenon?

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THE Pokemon they were born from the imagination and passions of Satoshi Tajiri, a Japanese computer scientist with the cue of insects. An adventure that began 20 years ago in the company of Nintendo, which made it a videogame for Game Boy.

Over the years they have become the main characters of one fifty video games, of a 17-season TV series and 20 films, the latest of which will be released in Japan these days.

Collectible playing cards, which have sold over the world, have also been very successful 21 billion specimens.

Don't call them animalsAlthough clearly inspired by the animal world, Pokmon are officially creatures of various shapes and sizes that live in nature together with humans, called trainers.

How manyIn 1996 there were 151, today they are 720. With the passage of time the number of Pokmon increases, the latest arrivals date back to June 2016.

Not just Pokmon GoIn these days the Pokmon Go app is making the creatures of Satoshi Tajiri live yet another youth but, over the years, have often returned to the fore thanks to a series of events linked to the release of new characters or films. In 2014 Big G populated Google Maps with little monsters to underline an agreement signed with Nintendo.

Lasting success or straw fire?As often happens with those who talk about summer smash, among them Wedbush Securities analyst, Michael Pachter, convinced that the phenomenon will deflate in the fall. David Gibson, an analyst at Macquarie Capital Securities, sees above all the aspect of economic returns and is convinced that Nintendo and The Pokmon Company will do everything to keep their interest alive. Meanwhile, in the US, the installations of Pokmon Go for Android have surpassed those of Twitter.On eBay, the hunt for Pokmon gadgets has started, from clothes to accessories for smartphones. A basic set of cards from the first edition was sold for 5,500 euros.

The championshipsCollectible playing cards are still an attraction for young and old. In addition to the challenges between friends there are the world, national and even regional championships, as well as the official website from which we took photos and descriptions of the 720 Pokmon.

ps. Yes, one is missing from the gallery above. We weren't able to catch him. Can you find it yourself? Gotta catch 'em all.


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