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5nm Apple A14 on iPhone by the end of the year: production under test

enero 2, 2020

The improvement of the production process of the processors is continuous and now passes more and more from the mobile sector. Although also on laptops and PC world we have seen a progressive improvement, the new goals are increasingly associated with the smartphone sector. According to an internal report by TSMC, one of the world's largest chip makers, 5nm chip production for Apple – it was already mentioned last summer – will begin in second quarter of 2020.

Recall that the A13 Bionic solution that is found on the latest iPhones is made with a 7nm production process that is the same used for the A12 chip of the iPhones of 2018 even if even more refined. Going from 7 to 5nm might seem "simple", but as the dimensions of the components which then form the chips are reduced, production becomes much harder and yields decrease.

According to the information that emerged, TSMC is carrying out a "risk production" of components at 5 nm in order to highlight problems in the assembly line and optimize performance and productivity with the minimum possible waste. We can therefore expect Apple's A14 chip not only will it be produced at 5nm, but it will have an even better energy efficiency than the current generation, greater power and lower consumption.

Promises that we read for each new generation of processors but, considering how much the current generation of iPhone has improved in terms of autonomy, we can only hope for good for the end of the year with iPhone 12.

Apple, however, will not be the only one, given that Qualcomm is also working on the next generation at 5nm which should materialize in the Snapdragon 875.

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