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Refurbished Apple Maps now cover all the US, arriving in other countries

enero 1, 2020

No more data and cartography acquired by external companies, but a platform rebuilt from scratch starting from surveys carried out directly by Cupertino: Apple Maps renewed with more details, high definition images from fine satellites at street level, flash updates for changes, works Ongoing traffic, including spectacular 3D Flyover visuals are now available for most of the US.

Recall that the total renewal and promise to make The world's best map app was announced by Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services in June 2018. While Apple invested billions of dollars in data collection and photographs with their cars spotted in the USA and in many other countries, including Italy, the gradual release of the news, starting from the San Francisco and Silicon Valley area and then being extended to the North East of the USA.

Refurbished Apple Maps now cover all the US, arriving in other countries

Now the renewed Apple Maps are also available in the South East and central areas, effectively covering the USA almost internally. For some, the level of detail and the quality of Apple's new cartographic service even surpass Google Maps, which has always been considered the best free platform that all the others have to deal with.

Anyone can check the qualitative leap of the renewed Apple Maps by exploring the areas where they are already available from the iPhone, iPad and Mac, starting from the top, satellite or cartographic view, up to the level of the individual building. Every detail, including roads, parks, parking lots, sports fields, green areas, waterways and much more included and shown with surprising precision.

Throughout Italy, large Apple car traffic for Apple Maps data

Now that the update affects all the US, Apple is ready to continue its release in other countries. This will happen gradually over the course of 2020. Although the multinational has not announced plans and timelines, it is practically certain that the renewed Apple Maps will also arrive in Italy during 2020.

This is demonstrated by the numerous sightings of Cupertino cars circulating on the roads of the Old Continent and of the Bel Paese throughout the spring and summer of this year. At WWDC 2019, Apple had announced that the updated maps would involve all the United States by the end of the year, and then landed in other countries in 2020.

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