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iSkin Cerulean TX + RX: universal wireless docking for iPod

Most docking systems on the market include a remote control, to better control music playback from a distance. iSkin realized the importance of being able to have a comfortable control system free from the physical positioning of the iPod and developed the winning pair Cerulean TX and Cerulean RX.

It is a Bluetooth 2.0 transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) with simple and ingenious operation: the TX will be inserted in the iPod connector, while the RX in the dock input of any prepared audio system.

And here is a convenient and functional wireless connection: your iPod will be able to communicate directly with the diffusion system to which it would usually be physically anchored.This time it will be freed from having to be stuck in the base dock: thanks to the two Cerulean gadgets it will be possible to control remote distribution (up to 10 meters) directly on the iPod, always having music at hand.

Even more exciting is the fact that the two accessories do not need their own power supply, drawing the necessary energy from the Apple mp3 player and from the docking system in which they are housed. An aspect that in hindsight could still reduce the autonomy of the iPod.

Let's not forget about the opportunity to use the two accessories separately, perhaps combined with other sources or sound receivers equipped with Bluetooth.

For example, it will be easy to connect RX to a dock speaker and interface to it via Mac with a convenient USB adapter included in the package. Or, by purchasing a special cable sold separately, use the RX + TX combo with any stereo system equipped with a line. in and audio line-out.

The Cerulean TX + RX pair sold directly to iSkin's website for $ 149.99.