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iPhone, everyone wants it

enero 1, 2020

iPhone, everyone wants it – Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The vast majority of owners of a cell phone dissatisfied with it and hope for the iPhone to find the ideal replacement. This is what a recent Strategy Analytics survey established.

To surprise not so much the fact there is a number of cell phone users willing to abandon their own for that of Apple, but the percentage: 90% of respondents. People surveyed by the research firm rated iPhone superior in critical factors, such as playing music, browsing the Internet, voicemail and making phone calls.

Among the factors to be evaluated to translate this perceived superiority into purchases, Apple must face the problem of a rather high access price and the market positioning factor of the iPhone. Strategy Analytics also warns to consider the fact that the opinions of the sample interviewed were formed solely on the information of Apple which tends (obviously) to highlight the qualities of the phone.

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