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Brexit, one in five Britons used Tinder to find out more

enero 1, 2020

Swipe right to inquire about Brexit: 20% of the app users have chosen it

"Why do I use Tinder? To keep me informed about politics, of course": If it sounds like an excuse, don't. One in five UK users used the app to get more information about Brexit.

Tinder has indeed launched a quiz true / false entitled "Swipe the Vote: Uk Edition", created in collaboration with the association Bite the Ballot: more than 20% of users reached, aged between 19 and 34, have chosen the swipe on the right to participate in the information test . 51 percent of female users and 49 percent of men attended.

According to the company, Millennials will play a key role in the referendum on Friday 23 June. In America, Tinder has led a similar experience with presidential candidates.


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