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Because AirPods Pro smell of blueberries and not Apple

enero 1, 2020

Cupertino's new fully wireless earphones improve everything: wearability, quality of audio reproduction, halve Bluetooth latency, for the first time offer active noise cancellation, better resist water and sweat and also smell good because, according to numerous users , the AirPods Pro smell of blueberries.

On the main social channels and also in online discussion forums, posts describing Blueberry-scented AirPods Pro flock, inviting those who have not yet done so to smell one of the most desired gadgets of the moment. A post and a comment attract others, including arrows, even with different opinions. If for many AirPods Pro smell of blueberries or more generally of fruit, a smaller number of users report a different perfume or smell, which some compare to nail polish, glue or rubbery silicone.

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For everyone it seems clear that the blueberry scent of AirPods Pro is not a detail wanted by Cupertino, if only because in this case the multinational company would probably have chosen a different fragrance, perhaps from Apple, as others jokingly point out in the posts.

In reality, the explanation can be traced back to the new plastic materials used for the construction of the earphones, in particular to compounds and chemical elements used in the manufacturing processes. This is the same reason that explains the intense, and for many, pleasant smell of the brand new cars. Some of these chemical elements, such as esters are often associated with fruity aromas, such as banana and blueberry.

In the particular case of the AirPods Pro, the blueberry scent probably also due to the silicone rubber included, thus explaining why the scent was detected for this model but not instead for the first and second generation Apple earphones.

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Finally, the pleasant scent of new plastics can also depend on the subjective sensations and on what users expect, especially for the similarities that it recalls with other materials, fruits and so on. So it is not possible to exclude that the particular scent detected as soon as the package is opened is only accompanied by blueberries after reading posts and reports in this sense.

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