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YouTube presents the virtual reality app

The service app dedicated to virtual reality will arrive within the year

The 360 ??videos, the virtual reality videos and the spatial audio were only the preparatory steps for the arrival to what Google presented during the I / O conference: the YouTube VR appsuDaydream, the high-quality virtual reality platform for mobile.

It will be a way to easily trace all the contents suitable for the VR experience on YouTube and to experiment with new formats and types of productions on board there are giNBA, BuzzFeed and Tastemade on a platform that already has features known by the user, from playlists to research vowel.

So viewer in hand, or better: on the face you can choose, at the end of the year, which content you prefer in the app.Swim with sharks?

Giretto in Indycar

Or directly around the world.

YouTube, writes Kurt Wilms, Senior Product Manager for Virtual Reality, is already working with partners for the creation of Jump cameras, such as GoProOdyssey, to make it easier for creators to access VR production media.


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