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US duty effect: some Sonos products may increase in price

Some Sonos products may increase in price. The cause of this increase would be directly related to the duties imposed by Trump for products imported from China, which would have forced the company to move part of its production to Malaysia.

Based on what is learned that smart AMP amplifiers and smart Port preamplifiers (both with Airplay) could cost up to 50 euros more than today.

We are diversifying the supply chain and expanding production in new countries with long-term plans, a Sonos spokesman explained. This effort required investments that will immediately be reflected in prices: starting from January 9, 2020, in the United States for example Sonos. Amp will rise to $ 649 while Sonos Port will cost $ 449.

However, Sonos is not the only large technology company that is gearing up to transfer at least part of its production out of China. The commercial tensions generated by the Trump administration in fact would have also pushed Google to move the production of thermostats and Nest motherboards destined for sale in the USA to Taiwan.

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Similarly, Nintendo would also be moving some of the Switch console production to Southeast Asia while Apple is soon to build iPhones for sale in the United States outside of China. Samsung, for its part, has already closed its last Chinese factory in October.

Sonos is for the moment the first company to increase the prices of its products from the application of the duties wanted by Trump: a precedent has just been created that could be the spark to start an increase in the prices of other goods of as many technological brands on sale in the States US.

On the other hand, China has already threatened to implement permanent consequences for those who decide to move production to other countries: the fuse has been lit.

Sonos is currently promoting an offer on many speakers and soundbars that ends on January 5: find more information about it on this page.