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Today we are talking about, a portal similar to the better known G2A, which offers license keys for games and software at competitive prices. The one for license keys (in English Key) an always thriving market; on the other hand, through the Keys you can legally gain possession of the content (game or program) with a substantial discount and download it directly in the original version from the appropriate portal (whether it is Steam, Uplay or Origin).

By avoiding buying the physical version, you can save a lot, and also you have the convenience of always having the game available. Simply connect to the store with your account and download.

In this article: How URcdkey works | URcdkey Security | URcdKey offers

URcdkey: how to reach the site and how it works

how URcdkey works

Reaching the site is very simple, just go to this address. Reached the home, you will find yourself in front of a very familiar environment, resembling that of any online store. At the top there is a convenient search bar with which you can easily find the title of your interest. Instead, there is a navigation bar with the various sections of the site: Steam, Origin, Xbox, Uplay, PlayStation, PC, Gift cards and discounts of the day (Daily Deals).

Once you find the title of our interest, just click on ?More details"And then on"Buy now". So you have to log in with your account or register (you can also log in using your Facebook account) click on "Send Order"And choose the preferred payment method (choice between credit card, PayPal and AliPay).

URcdkey payment

Once the payment is complete we will be given the key. The key, if a game, can be redeemed to download the title directly from its store. If a program, it will be used to download the copy from the manufacturer's website.

In any case, for each associated key one practice guide which explains its correct use.

Safe and legal URcdkey?

The answer to both questions, the site is very secure thanks to effective customer service and support for Paypal (we recommend you use this payment method so as to also be protected by customer protection). As far as the legal point of view is concerned, selling license keys does not violate any law in Europe, as long as these licenses have not been obtained illegally. But it does not seem the case of URcdkey, which seems to have always turned out to be a site correct and reliable.

Safety is also guaranteed by the presence of a live chat support active 24/7. In addition to this, the system allows you to get a refund for any key that is not working or already used, which covers the first two months (60 days) of use.

The offers on URcdkey

The site stands out for the strong discounts always present on the portal, you can find them on the page dedicated to promotions: URcdkey Promotions.

URcdkey coupon

In addition, the following coupons are currently active (latest update July 2019):

  • GB20: which allows to have the 20% discount on the price of all programs;
  • GB3: which allows you to have the 3% discount on all games.

Here are some advantageous offers with coupons: