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Twitter launches stickers on photos

Generic stickers and series related to global events: each will correspond to a hashtag to find new content


Between the Snapchat and Facebook masks, it seems that the idea of ??photos or videos posted as they really are is not the page. Twitter spends the paper of the stickers, which had never yet appeared on the platform.

Soon, as the official post explains, once the image has been chosen it will be possible to navigate sticker tricks organized in different categories, including Accessories, Animals, Food, Technology and Flags. A special category with Live Sticker related to global events, holidays or other topics.

The labels will serve to identify new content: after having tweeted a photo with stickers, in fact, that image will be searchable as a hashtag. By clicking on the stickers contained in the posts, in fact, you will be directed to a new timeline, which will show how people all over the world are using that sticker in different ways.


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