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Traveling with MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

Travel with class, because the computer has become the most important accessory of our professional life and beyond. Also superior to tablets and smartphones. So how do we introduce ourselves? What do we need? What do we use? We see below how the modern digital nomad should move in 2020.

A case to tame them all

Rather fought and divisive argument. Which housing? C who goes with the MacBook type commando, naked and raw inside the bag, in a compartment that is supposed to be sufficiently protected. Real men, you say, who are not afraid of a few blows too many. For the rest of us, there are those who are clamoring for covers, protections and other types of cushioning tools for our precious digital work tool. Here we offer you two alternatives.

The first Made in Apple and the leather case (available in midnight blue, leather and black), made with a soft microfibre lining and with an unpopular cost of 199 euros (on Amazon with a 12% discount), has something beautiful which is compatible with both MacBook Pro 13 and Air and that in the Air allows you to connect a cable to the Usb C port of the computer without having to extract it.

The leather case for the 16-inch MacBook Pro costs half of a good Windows notebook

It has protection on the edges due to the stitching, not certainly armored but the writer has used the equivalent for the MacBook Retina with 12-inch screen for three years with great satisfaction and no problem. Alternatively, there is always the excellent Acme Made Skinny Sleeve (which looks more like a Moleskine product for the side elastic that holds the computer in place). However, it has two metal plates to protect the sides of the computer and the seams are very highlighted to act as an overall shock absorber.

This too, used by the reporter for a long time on the old MacBook Air 13 (old generation) has maintained the same characteristics and an excellent travel tool for the new MacBook Air post 2018 and MacBook Pro 13 post 2016. Attention that probably are not completely interchangeable: better to take the right one.

Power supplies and power banks with attributes

Apple does not give anything, we know. And power supplies are often the weak link in its product chain. While it is true that the MacBook Air does not need a lot of power, for the 13-inch MacBook Pro it needs more beer, certainly, to run Intel's i5 and i7 processors. And this beer must arrive with the right wattage. Our friends from the Chinese quarter have taken care of providing the appropriate power banks: Anker, Aukey and Ravpower. There are three that are interesting for those who have a MacBook of this type: remember that the 12-inch MacBook with Retina screen descends directly from the 11-inch MacBook Air, while the current MacBook Air descends from the MacBook Air 13.


Traveling with MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

The first is the Aukey power bank with Usb-C Power Bank 20,000 mAh. It is a product with 4 ports and three inputs, recharges the various iPhones or competitor phones, tablets and obviously manages to withstand the power of a light MacBook like the ones we are talking about, even if it does not have Power Delivery. A shame.


Traveling with MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

Anker takes care of it with his PowerCore + portable charger to shoot high: 26,800 mAh, Power Delivery, 30 Watt output. It has almost everything you need and allows you to go very far even as resistance with the aluminum body. The reload times of the powerbank for are epochal. However, here the focus on the Usb-C and two Usb-A 3.0, with a button with a LED in the circle that indicates the charge or recharge level for tenths of battery (a rarity).


Traveling with MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

Third player of the Chinese national team of Ravpower batteries with its external 26,800 mAh Usb-C battery (Like PowerCore +) but without Power Delivery (which is why it costs a little less). 15 Watt output, double input port, 5V / 3A Usb-C. It keeps a MacBook of the type we are talking about alive but only reloads it if paused, and in any case slowly. Just sufficient.


Traveling with MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

There is also a fourth inconvenience in this sector, where in reality there are several Chinese companies that try to get their shoes and stand out. It is Zmi, with a battery that also acts as a USb hub. Among the most powerful on the market, with a 45 Watt output with Power Delivery. in short, the most suitable also for the best performing MacBook Pro even if it has a defect: the power c but the capacity a little less. The powerbank in fact stops at 20 thousand mAh, about a third less than the most capable competitors. Which is a pity.

Mains power supplies

We have already talked about various other network power supplies with USB-C output and Power Delivery (which is of little use with MacBooks, but it helps a lot of phones and tablets). Here we draw lessons from the past and offer a travel accessory that has its strong point in the presence of two USB-C ports.

Aukey 60W Dual USB-C review, the ingenious power supply to charge Mac and iPhone together

This is the Aukey Usb-C wall charger with 36 Watt Power Delivery with GaN technology for its small size and with Dynamic to understand if only one appliance is hooked (and goes to 36 Watt on the used door) or if there are two and goes at 18 watts (to charge two phones or a phone and a tablet). a little pulled to be the real charger of a MacBook Pro 13, but it has two sockets. Instead, if you want to stay on the classic, here is the Aukey Usb-C model always with GaN technology and Power Delivery but this time from 60 Watt.

Connect to the world

Both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro 13 in the light version with a 2.4 GHz processor have two Usb-C ports on the same left side. Both can be used for power and data. You can use all the appropriate Apple accessories, which tend to be single-function and rather expensive, or resort to a good hub that does everything. Traveling perhaps better to leave quite prepared. Among the various hubs, which over time have also changed as the style and fashion of the moment, there is one that has always proved quite interesting.

Traveling with MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

This is the hub produced by Inateck with code name SC01004, small and compact. The flat-type USB-C cable fits perfectly into the body, making it a purely pocket-sized solution suitable for those who want to travel. It has a USB-C which is used to power the connected device, with the possibility of passing Power Delivery, supporting up to 100 Watts of power. Then it has an HDMI port and a USB 3.0 port. There are no ports for Sd Card and micro SD, nor for VGA video connection which is becoming less and less popular and therefore is rarely implemented.

To have the possibility to download photos or videos directly from SD and micro SD cards, you can refer to other models of Inateck hub. In particular, this seven-port hub: built with a robust aluminum chassis and using the USB-C connection port, it provides a second one for charging passtrough, 3 USB-A ports, an HDMI socket, and SD and microSD slots for card reading.

What about the good old Ethernet?

Finally, if you need a fixed data connection, an Ethernet, because fast and secure as well as very stable, you can no longer look at Apple because it only produces a Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet adapter. For those who want an instrument that is not only Thunderbolt c for a very valid third-party product that has stability and good components: the USB-C adapter for 1 Gigabit Ethernet of the German Roline (also used in Apple stores by Apple staff) that we have reviewed here together with the old Apple classic: the 100Mbps Apple model A1277 adapter that requires an additional Usb-A to Usb-C adapter to work. Some pieces are still found on Amazon.

Faster than light: test two Gigabit Ethernet USB adapters

Another adapter that can come in handy if you have to connect to external disks or monitors that use Thunderbolt 2 (and not TB3, based on Usb-C as regards the connector standard), we must not forget that the best tool, and almost unique, in this case that of Apple. The expensive but also bidirectional Apple Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter allows you to connect the new Thunderbolt 3 accessories to an old Mac with a Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 socket. The latter feature which makes it a unique product.

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