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TMBG: exclusive album coming to the iTunes Music Store

TMBG: exclusive album coming to the iTunes Music Store logomacitynet1200wide 1

Times also change for TMBG, an acronym behind which the American pop / rock duo They Might Be Giants is hidden. The band has decided that the next album 'Else' will be released exclusively on the iTunes Music Store on May 15th. Exclusive limited both chronologically and quantitatively.

On 10 July, in fact, the 'Else' CD will be available in stores: unlike the iTunes version, the physical support will include extra material, including some photographic images of Marcel Dzama, plus a second CD with rarities and songs taken from the their podcasts, with high sound quality. All material not available online.

A gimmick that has all the flavor of the recipes of current marketing, which attempt to offer the same product in different sauces, in order to justify a double 'taste'. While strange that such a drift was undertaken by a group like TMBG, known to have been the first group under majors to sell a disc exclusively on the Internet in mp3 format (it was 1999 with 'Long Tall Weekend', strictly DRM-free ), and for having always made innovative and frequent use of the network, almost pioneering, through services such as podcasting (always active) or Usenet.

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