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The story of your daily life on Facebook in 20 GIFs

GIF is proving to be my favorite sword against text because it is fun and requires much less effort than reading, so it saves a lot of calories.

So, today I'm going to share everyone's daily life story on Facebook with the help of GIFs. To enjoy!

1. Whenever you edit your Facebook profile photo

2. When your Facebook news feed becomes stagnant

3. When you read your friend's political mail on Facebook

4. When you write to someone on Facebook and see that they read it, but choose not to respond

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5. When your best friend becomes Facebook friends with your ex

6. When someone likes a comment made on your post, but does not like your post

7. When your crush accepts your friend request on Facebook

8. When you receive the first "Happy Birthday!" Notification On Facebook

9. When did you find out that Facebook is buying Instagram

10. When your friend's long relationship ends on Facebook

11. Whenever Facebook changes, you are like

12. When Facebook added the mobile share button

13. When someone claims that Google Plus is better than Facebook

14. When Facebook recommends a gift for your friend

15. When your Facebook post isn't getting enough likes and shares

16. When did you hear that Facebook is implementing #hashtags

17. When you come across a post in your Facebook news feed that starts with "I like this status if"

18. Whenever Facebook goes down

19. When your friend asks you to like their Facebook page or post

20. When someone posts a very long Facebook status (equivalent to a novel)


Your daily life in GIF

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