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The most downloaded apps of all time

Among games, social networks and instant messaging, here are the most popular apps since 2010 and the rising stars of the last few weeks

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Apps, together with smartphones, have changed our lives: they are used to connect people, to distract them, to inform them, to make them more productive … But what are the ones that have had a more significant impacton our daily life?

The mobile analytics company App Annie tried to answer this question with the means at his disposal, that is, by doing an account of all downloads made on virtual stores starting from 2010 according to two criteria: the first is that of type of app required, which separates the game's macro category from all other apps. The second, of course, that of operating system.

The result is four top 10 which contain the most downloaded apps and games of all time on iOS and Android, to which we have added a more current ranking on today's favorite software (net of the blockbusters already listed). Do you mirror us?


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