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The HP Z 3D camera brings the 3D Sprout capture engine to other PCs

HP released its first PC Sprout a few years ago and although 3D scanning technology was not new, HP's implementation was nothing short of intriguing.

This year, at CES 2018, HP presented its updated version of the Sprout computer called Sprout Pro. For those of you who are unfamiliar with HP's Sprout line of devices, I am All-in-one PC that you can they mainly target graphic designers and 3D model operators . The computer encloses a camera from above which can acquire and acquire any 3D object placed under it and create a 3D model of the object.

Although the idea is interesting, the technology is also very expensive and it makes no sense for anyone who already owns a high-end desktop PC. here comes the new HP Z 3D camera.

HP has practically dismantled Sprout Pro and made the 3D mapping chamber a separate product which can be used with most existing PCs as long as the monior has a flat back. This means that if someone looking for a 3D mapping camera but doesn't want to invest in a Sprout Pro, they can simply purchase the 3D Z camera and use it with their existing PC.

The 3D Z camera works exactly like the Sprout Pro camera and can scan any 3D object and prepare its 3D model which can then be manipulated and processed. The camera also can scan 2D documents easily and can be used to collaborate on live video. The company said the 3D Z camera will scan objects with "resolutions compatible with computer graphics" and will also offer individual texture maps for physics-based and virtual reality rendering.

This is good news for any professional who works with 3D models, since now he doesn't have to invest in a completely new system, rather he can simply buy the camera and use it with his existing PC. Because the camera also quite portable, it will be easy for users to carry around if they want to use it with multiple devices. That said, HP hasn't mentioned anything yet about its availability or pricing.