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The Gold account of WhatsApp does not exist

This is yet another hoax that offers exclusive features for the most used messaging service in the world. But there is no kind of privileged account


The (fake) news of one arrives from the United States information leak which would concern an elusive type of WhatsApp account exclusive called Gold. According to what is reported in the text of the story, completely without foundation, it would have finally been revealed to the world a secret version is Free of the messaging application, which until now was only available to the public "Great celebrities", but which can now be used by all users.

Between additional functions of the Gold version there would be, for example, the video calls on all operating systems, the ability to send more than one at the same time hundreds of photos, an option for delete messages sent by mistake, a series of new ones security settings and customization, in addition to the inevitable new collection of emoticons, ringtones and wallpapers. Following the download – the hoax continues – the standard green icon of the application would be replaced with the new one golden symbol, testifying to the complete installation of the new features.

Actually the link connected to the hoax (and received by many users in the form of a text message) it does not install any revolutionary application, but on the contrary redirect users to a site that has nothing to do with the truth Whatsapp and which also proposes the installation of software on your smartphone. Obviously the application a malware which, according to what is known at the moment, has the main purpose of subtracting i personal data of users and to track their activity and movements. The link not to click, in particular,

As he tells Truth or fiction, the hoax started to spread in late May, becoming later viral in the United States and Europe starting in early June. To many this story is recalling another application, WhatsApp Plus, which has nothing to do with the original and not in any way supported by WhatsApp.


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