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The Galaxy Fold 2 may have a glass display

Although the Galaxy Fold did not have a particularly positive start, after the withdrawal from the market of the first batch destined for international criticism, the company still seems interested in the production of folding terminals. For some time there has been talk of a possible Galaxy Fold 2, however with a form factor very different from the current one, more similar in concept to the Motorola RAZR. The novelty of these hours, however, on the usable materials: Samsung could bring a new glass display on the terminal, able to reduce the creases on the screen surface, making it even more resistant.

According to the leaker Ice Universe, Samsung has created an ultra-thin glass cover for its next folding terminal, managing to bring a flatter screen with less "wrinkles" on board. certainly an ambitious idea, but not feasible, also because Samsung has in the past requested several brands with the name "Samsung Ultra Thin Glass", which would make one think, precisely, of this new type of glass.

samsung galaxy clamshell phone

At the moment it is only rumors and rumors, but the same leaker in the past managed to correctly predict some pre-launch information on Android terminals. As an example, the circular clipping of the camera of Huawei and the control via gestures of the Google Pixel 4. However, the image seen on the net, as proof of this new display, cannot be considered a real "test"; it may not even be a Samsung device. However, the company has in the past indulged in some bold claims about its future aspirations of folding technology, so if a folding glass display might not be ordinary, it certainly won't be impossible to achieve.

At the moment, the first Galaxy Fold available in limited quantities on Amazon starting from this page, including a reconditioned model proposed at 1,744 euros at the time of writing, instead of the official list price starting at 2,050 euros