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The first "private" iPhone appears in Texas

The first "private" iPhone appears in Texas logomacitynet1200wide 1

The iPhone has not yet arrived in stores, but there are already those who have had one as a gift. This is the president of the president of West Texas A&M University, J. Patrick O?Brien. The lucky one received the phone from the hands of At & T's cell division CEO Stan Sigman.

The opportunity to "release" the first mobile phone outside the very tight managerial environments of Apple and At & t, was a speech given by Sigman (which readers will remember on the stage of the San Francisco keynote for the presentation of the iPhone) at the university .Sigman was a student of the University of West Texas A&M.

On Youtube there is a video, unfortunately not very intelligible and taken from very far away, with the speech of the CEO of At & T Wireless.

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