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The best portable malware scanners for Windows

Does your PC slow down every day more due to malware or viruses? If your antivirus is getting water from all sides and cannot eliminate infections, maybe the right time has come to try a portable malware scanner, a program without the need for installation that can easily clean up infected PCs. Find out in this guide the best portable malware scanners available for free for Windows.These programs can be used without removing any antivirus present, since they do not interfere with the real-time scan modules.

Best standalone malware scanners

Let's see what are the best standalone malware scanners (that can be used without the need for installation) that you can use on your computer with Windows operating system.

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Directly from one of the best antivirus companies, a small portable tool arrives that can scan and remove most of the dangerous viruses and trojan ransomware present on the PC. With Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, your PC will be clean with a single click of the button Start scanThe tool is updated regularly to be able to remove the latest threats and also works great with other antiviruses installed. You can download Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool for free from the link below.

DOWNLOAD |Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool


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<p>Another portable program that can be used to clean your PC of unwanted programs and NoBot viruses. This program specializes in finding malware that can spy on the contents of the PC, capable of undermining Bitcoin without the user's knowledge and using the connection and the resources to send other viruses or spam to contacts or to other PCs on the network. Start scanning with the program to discover and immediately remove all threats on your PC. You can download NoBot for free from the following link.</p>
<p><strong>DOWNLOAD |</strong> NOBOT</p>
<h3>Emsisoft Emergency Kit</h3>
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Another program that you can use without installation on your PC Emsisoft Emergency Kit, designed to restore and clean heavily infected and in difficulty PCs since you start to access the system because of malware. You can also start this program in temporary mode , so as to clean up all the most common threats (trojans, worms and ransomware) and restore correct access to the PC without the slowdowns due to the infection. You can download Emsisoft Emergency Kit for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Microsoft Safety Scanner

microsoft safety scanner

Directly from Microsoft you can download the portable Microsoft Safety Scanner tool, which can scan all risk areas on the PC and remove any threats present. The program uses the same database as Windows Defender, the antivirus present on Windows 10, but it can be used on any previous version of Windows or on PCs with other active antivirus. You can download this portable malware scanner from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Microsoft Safety Scanner

Portable other scanner

The ones I presented to you in this guide are the best portable scanner that you can try on Windows 10 or previous versions of the Microsoft operating system.If you have not managed to eradicate the infection from your PC you can try one of the following portable scanning tools to try to eliminate all traces of malware:

Try them all, so that you can clean up any type of infected PC.