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The best apps to recognize a piece of music

Did you listen to a song on the radio while you were in the car and couldn't figure out who the singer or band was? Have you heard any new music on advertising and you absolutely want to feel it again? These are just some of the scenarios where it can be useful to have an app at hand to recognize music. In this article you will find the best app to recognize music for free available for Android and iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad) .These apps take advantage of an online database and a sophisticated sound recognition engine that, in a few seconds, offer you the title of the song and the singer, with other additional information.Note: all the services indicated carry out the recognition of the songs online, therefore they require an Internet connection to function correctly.

How to identify a piece of music for free

Integrated systems (no app)

You can also not install an app to recognize music, just rely on Google Assistant or Siri, i.e. the voice command systems available on any modern smartphone.

Google Assistant

For an Android device sufficient first, start the Google voice assistant, Google Assistant (or even the app Google or Voice Search), then bring the device closer to the sound source to be recognized and press on the item "What is this song?".

google music song assistant

After a few seconds the song will be recognized and you will be able to retrieve the information about the singer or the band, the title of the song, the lyrics of the song. In the result screen, at the bottom, various voices will be available: to share the result, to view the music videos of the song found on Youtube, to listen or buy the song on Google Play Music and to perform further searches on the Google search engine.

google song recognition assistant


You can use Siri's voice assistant to recognize music on iPhone and iPad. If you have activated Siri's voice control, you can say the phrase "Hey Siri" to start Siri's voice recognition. If you use button control, on iPhone X, XR, XS, hold the button on the side for 2 seconds. On other iPhone models, just hold the Home button for 2 seconds. Once Siri is listening, say the phrase "what song is this?" Or what song am I listening to?. Siri open the microphone and, taking advantage of Shazam's service, I'll tell you the name of the song and the artist who made it.

siri music recognition

Best App that can recognize music


The best service to recognize music tracks Shazam, it is no coincidence that it is used by Siri for the song recognition system. You can install the app on Android and iOS devices using the links below.

DOWNLOAD | Shazam (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Shazam (iOS – iPhone and iPad)

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<p>To start the recognition of the music, just open the app, press the large button in the center and bring the microphone of the device closer to the sound source. In a few seconds Shazam will recognize the song, showing you the title, author, full text, link to listen to the song or to download it legally on your device. The widget to be placed on the screens to speed up the recognition of the song is also very convenient.</p>
<p>The only limitation of Shazam in the failure to recognize the songs sung with the voice or arranged, therefore no recognition by humming a song.</p>
<p>The best Shazam alternative among apps to identify songs  <strong>SoundHound</strong>, available for free using the links below.</p>
<p><strong>DOWNLOAD |</strong> SoundHound (Android)</p>
<p><strong>DOWNLOAD |</strong> SoundHound (iOS – iPhone and iPad)</p>
<p><img class=

To use the app, simply open it and click on the button in the center, then move the microphone of the smartphone or tablet closer to the sound source to be recognized. SoundHound will quickly find the title of the song, with a database very similar to that of Shazam. this app also accepting the songs hummed or arranged, so if you know a song just for a few stanzas or a few words you just have to hum it in the app to find the song.In the latter case the app is not always very precise, very it depends on your singing skills.


The app Musixmatch, in addition to recognizing the songs by listening to them, it allows you to read the lyrics and the translation in many languages ??of each song without having to go and search the internet.

You can download the app for Android and iOS devices for free from the following links:

DOWNLOAD | Musixmatch (Android)

DOWNLOAD | Musixmatch (iOS – iPhone and iPad)

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<p>The operation to start the recognition of the music you are listening identical to the previous apps.The app, among the additional features, allows you to view the lyrics while you are playing the music through your favorite music app (Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, etc.).</p>
<h3 class=Other apps for music recognition

The ones I have indicated are the best apps to recognize music, there are however other alternative apps that you can try, among the many available you can try the ones in the list that I made below:

By trying one of these apps you will surely find the one that's right for you, able to recognize the music you love.