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The best apps to manage appointments on Android

Considering that the smartphone is now an indispensable accessory in the working field, the management of appointments is less and less conceived by means of paper calendars. To replace them are the infinite calendar apps with management functions available for mobile devices of any platform. I'm talking about app to manage appointments, their work commitments, alarms in order to receive a notification and a daily summary.

Since there are many applications dedicated to this service, I thought of simplifying the research work for those who experience these notifications, because bad management of commitments risks blowing up the entire work organization. We have identified the most suitable apps formanage commitmentsand that correspond more to the needs of the working world,but also for the management of other non-working activities.

app to manage appointments

Below you will find links and very brief descriptions of best apps for managing appointments to avoid arriving late to any meeting or meeting with an important client. Failing to coordinate appointments well, can prove detrimental to your work and this is an aspect that is absolutely not negligible for the credibility of the company as well. So I advise you to seriously evaluate these apps and choose the one that best matches your needs.

The best apps to manage appointments


I think this application is the best among those dedicated to productivity. The layout very similar to that of the mailbox, very easy therefore. It allows you to categorize your commitments, set important dates and share your commitments with others, if you need it. The great advantage of this application that is available for every imaginable device. It is a versatile app that allows you to organize your agenda from simple commissions such as the shopping list to your most ambitious projects.

Free Todoist forever and if you want you can switch to Todoist Premium with the ability to have unlimited access to all management features. You can also manage your appointments from smartwhatch apps.

DOWNLOAD |Todoist: Task manager to manage activities(Free with in-app purchases)


The interface offered by this application is very clean and clear. Plus adding new commitments and really easy activities. You can also add custom alarms and notifications and sync smartphones, PCs, web and tablets in real time. It is very portable, available for IOS, Android and Google Chrome.

Any.Do even remembers when the time to plan an activity. For example, after a phone call he asks you if there is something important to remember.

DOWNLOAD | Any.Do: list of activities, calendar, reminders(Free with in-app purchases)


Wunderlist probably the prettiest curated of the productivity applications listed here. The huge variety of functions offered allows you to: add sub-activities, add collaborators for your activities, add notes and set repetitive, periodic events. It is also available for many devices, including iPhones and Android devices.

Wunderlist shares your notes and collaborates with whoever you want, whether you want to share the shopping list with a family member, whether you are creating a project or having to organize a holiday.

DOWNLOAD |Wunderlist: To Do & Lista(free with in-app purchases)


TickTick is an application for the management of cross-platform activities, which has the task of completing your activities with the possibility of being able to synchronize them via cloud with other devices. With TickTick you can organize your life easier and share lists of activities to collaborate with others, either with family members or work colleagues. Among the most interesting functions are those to add activities via email and insert attachments in each activity. FreeTickTick but you can switch to the Pro version to have full access to all the features.

DOWNLOAD |TickTick – Todo & Task List (Free)

DigiCal Calendar

DigiCal Calendar a very valid calendar app. featuring Material Design, a dark theme, lots of add-ons and more. Some add-ons include sports calendars, TV shows, and over 500,000 other events. Other features of the app include the inclusion of new themes, weather information, calendar widgets and support for Google Calendar, Exchange Calendar and Outlook Calendar. The free version has many features while the pro version releases all functions.

DOWNLOAD |DigiCal Calendar (Free with app purchases)

Business calendar

Business Calendar the successor to the award-winning Business Calendar and therefore one of the surprisingly popular calendar apps. The app has good personalization features. It includes almost two dozen themes, seven calendar widgets and various calendar views. Colors of events and calendars can be customized to recognize them immediately. It also has support for Google Calendar and Exchange calendar like any good business calendar should. It also has meteorological information and everything else. The pro version costs 4.75.

DOWNLOAD | Business Calendar (Free with purchases in the app)


TimeTree one of the few good free calendar apps. It doesn't have many functions. However, it works great for couples, colleagues and friends. It has better sharing features than many such apps. The app also includes reminders, widgets, advanced sharing and invitation features and support for Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and the Outlook calendar. excellent for tasks like keeping track of the day to throw trash or family events. The app has advertising and in English.

DOWNLOAD |TimeTree – Free Shared Calendar

I hope this list of apps for managing appointments on Android has been useful for increasing your productivity. As usual in case of doubts, suggestions or requests, do not hesitate to comment! Also share this useful list with your friends, you will see that they will thank you!

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