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Ten Apple Watch tricks you should know to make the most of it

Apple Watch has now become a daily life companion for many, and although the most obvious functions are those that are easier to use, there may still be hidden, or in any case little used, functions that are interesting. Here are ten Apple Watch tricks to make the most of it.

We all know how to take a screenshot on iPhone or Android smartphone, that is, a copy of the screen visible on the display. This is also possible on Apple Watch and can be particularly useful when you want to share a snapshot of what is displayed on the watch screen.

To take a snapshot of the screen on the Apple Watch, simply use the Digital Crown and the side button. First you need to activate the settings for snapshots on Phone. To do this simply open the Apple Watch app, touch the Apple Watch panel, then General. Scrolling down you can activate the screen snapshot option. At this point, you can take a snapshot of the Apple Watch screen with two fingers, by simultaneously pressing the Digital Crown and the side button. The screen flashes while the snapshot is captured. To find the snapshot just go to the Photos app on iPhone, tap the Albums panel, then Screen Snapshots.

For default setting, when you wake up the Apple Watch screen the time is shown. It is normal, a watch. If, on the other hand, you prefer to activate the screen directly on the last activity shown before the stop state, you can activate the relative function.

To do this, simply open the Settings app on Apple Watch, go to General> Activate screen, and from there activate the option When you raise your wrist. Then you will have to scroll down and choose when you want Apple Watch to activate the last app used, being able to choose between Always, Within an hour of last use, Within 2 minutes of last use or Never, unless it is in use

Apple Watch is also convenient for answering a call, without having to use iPhone. Sometimes not always possible, or maybe you simply prefer to answer from a smartphone. To avoid that – while waiting to find the iPhone – the caller hangs up, you can put the interlocutor on hold and choose to "Answer with iPhone". To do this, simply touch the three "…" on the screen, then choose the relevant option. If you touch it Reply on iPhone, the call is put on hold and the other party hears a repeated sound until you answer on the iPhone.

It may happen that you cannot find your iPhone. Don't worry, the Apple Watch can help you track it. From the clock face, simply slide the curtain upwards to activate the Control Center. From here, by tapping the dedicated button you will be able to make your iPhone ring.Ten Apple Watch tricks you should know to make the most of it

Larger text

It is possible that the text on the Apple Watch screen is too small and therefore difficult to read. To make it easier to read, you can change the size of the text. To do this, simply open the Settings app on Apple Watch, and go to Screen and brightness> Text size, then turn the Digital Crown to adjust the relative setting.

Saving custom Watch Faces

Not only can the predefined Apple Watch dials be customized using the Force Touch on the watch display, but the dials thus created can also be saved for future use, without having to recreate them. To do this, simply press the Digital Crown to access the face of the Apple Watch and firmly touch the screen, then scroll left and tap the New button. From here, you can customize the new version of the dial to your liking.

Ten Apple Watch tricks you should know to make the most of it

Unlock your Mac with Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch that's easy for you to love surrounding Apple devices, such as a Mac. If you have a mid-2013 Mac or a later model, with macOS Sierra (Apple Watch Series 1 and 2), macOS High Sierra or later version (Apple Watch Series 3 or later), Apple Watch can unlock it instantly when it wakes up from sleep. To do this, simply log into iCloud with the same Apple ID on Mac and Apple Watch.

Ten Apple Watch tricks you should know to make the most of it

At this point, to activate the automatic unlock on the Mac you will have to choose the Apple menu> System Preferences, clicking on Security and Privacy, and on General. From here you will have to select the box Allow Apple Watch to unlock your Mac. Note, however, that if you have not activated two-factor authentication for your Apple ID account, you must first follow the instructions on the screen. Additionally, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be enabled on the Mac.

Expel water

From series 2 onwards, Apple Watch waterproof and includes an ejection mode to get rid of any drop of water that may have remained inside the device after a swim. If you want to eject any residue manually, simply swipe up from the main screen to view the Apple Watch Control Center. From here, just look for the icon of the drop of water. Pressing it you will be asked to rotate the digital crown to expel the water.

Ten Apple Watch tricks you should know to make the most of it

Personalized message replies

There are many ways to compose a message on Apple Watch, but among the most useful functions, because fast and direct, there is the possibility to respond in a smart way, through predefined and pre-set answers, simply by clicking on the phrase you want to send. To do this, you need to scroll to see a list of useful phrases that you can send by simply touching them.

Ten Apple Watch tricks you should know to make the most of it

If there are no preferred answers in the predefined list, know that it is possible to add a personalized phrase to be shown on the watch. To do this simply open the Watch app on the iPhone, tap Apple Watch, go to Messages> Default replies, then tap Add reply.

From here, to customize the default answers, simply click on Edit, entering the desired phrase, being able to also drag the phrase to reorder them or touch the Delete button to delete one.

Disable Always-on (Series 5)

Among the news of the latest Apple Watch Series 5 the Always-on, that is, the possibility that the watch screen remains active even when the arm is lowered, showing only the time and other useful information. If you want to disable this function, perhaps to save battery, here's how.

Ten Apple Watch tricks you should know to make the most of it

Simply open the Settings app on Apple Watch, go to Screen and brightness and disable the always-on switch to disable the function. It is also possible to select "Hide complications with sensitive data" if you want information such as calendar events, messages and heart rate to remain hidden when you have your arm lowered.

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