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Snapseed allows you to apply the same retouch to all photos

The changes applied to an image can be used on the next one

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Snapseed proves to be one of the best photo editing applications on the square. Bought by Google in 2012, it continues to implement its functions. This time, with update 2.5, it launches the "Apply last edit" option, which allows you to use the same combination when editing multiple photos.

If the user wants to use the processing applied to the last image, he can do so once the new one has been opened. "Apply last edit" can be found in the top right menu. This does not prevent you from changing some of the parameters to add others, since the command in the lower right corner can in fact eliminate some of the steps of the previous photo editing. Otherwise, you can leave everything as it was, having in fact a custom filter ready for use.

Other news the "horizontal flip" option, to flip a picture mirror. Often photographing with smartphone reverses the direction (right side that becomes left and the opposite) and this function helps to solve the problem.


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