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Snapchat tries to relaunch Discover

The section dedicated to the contents of the publishers refers to the look, and makes some forays into the most popular sections


To relaunch Discover, Snapchat launches a new Stories design. To begin with, the update that the app is releasing will allow editors to insert an image and a title, to better promote daily history.

Usually, the stories of users around the world are much more followed, for now, than the contributions provided by the various publishers who have made agreements with Snapchat. And for this that new lymph was needed for their contents. Then, a selection of these will be shown at the top of the section "Stories" and some others will be added to the "Live" section (same screen, further down).

Arriving at "Discover" instead, here is also the preview of the contents, instead of the list of available channels, as previously. By pressing at length on one of the "covers", you can choose to subscribe to the channel.

So the app that is worth around 20 billion dollars tries to relaunch the section dedicated to publishers. Who knows if this will be able to attract new ones (there are twenty in all, Americans), but at the same time, here is a selection of users – some are brands and companies – to be followed in Italy.


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