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Smartphone, one in four has never installed an app

Many download them, but we use few. More than half stop at five a week, a small minority exceeding ten

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The most revolutionary feature of smartphones is probably the ability to expand its functionality thanks to apps. But how widespread their use? According to research done in the United States by PewResearch, not as much as we think. On the one hand, in fact, 77% of anyone who owns a smart phone claims to have used at least one app other than the ones pre-installed at the time of purchase, thus connecting to the network and the virtual reference store of their phone. On the other hand, this means that almost one in four smartphone owners leave their phone exactly as they found it, without games, streaming services or alternative messaging platforms installed.

The percentages are further broken down: 30% of those who download the app stopped at a maximum of 10, 32% remained under 20, and gradually decreasing with increasing downloads, up to a small 7% of compulsive downloaders who overloaded the smartphone with more than 50 additional packages. But even when the apps obtained are dozens, we still use a few: more than half of PewResearch respondents start a maximum of five different per week, while only 16% use more than 10. Which ones? It's not difficult to imagine it: if we cross these data with those obtained by App Annie on the most downloaded apps of all time, the names that circulate are always the same on both platforms.


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