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Salling Clicker 3.5 full Mac control with Bluetooth and WiFi phones

Salling Clicker 3.5 is available immediately, an important software update that allows mobile phones and PDAs to control applications such as PowerPoint and iTunes on both Mac and Windows.

In the new Clicker there is a "zero-configuration" capability that makes possible a Wi-Fi connection as simple as never before and connections are supported via SmartPhone with Windows Mobile and Symbian equipped with 802.11 beg technology: in practice it will be as simple as using Bluetooth from previous versions but with the possibility of interacting remotely with your computer at a greater distance (the standard Bluetooth range of action limited to about 9 meters): this implies a greater versatility of the application that not only controls the applications present on the computer but receives visual feedback that transforms your "remote control" into a sort of control monitor at a distance that can go up to 300 meters in free field.

The new version also includes support for FrontRow eliminating the need to carry a remote control with you; support for iTunes, PowerPoint, EyeTV and Keynote has also improved.

Among the compatible devices we have those based on Symbian 9 such as Nokia N95 and Sony Ericsson P990 or those based on Windows Mobile 6 and 5 such as HTC S710 and Motorola Q, and many other models from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola.

Unlike other high-priced remote contorolli, the Salling clicker software does not require additional chargers or batteries: your PDA or mobile phone will show you the covers of the iTunes song that is playing, the comments of the PowerPoint slide you are projecting or channel or recording information of EyeTV.

The retail price of 18.83 Euros for both the Mac and Windows versions with a 25% discount on the total for those who buy both versions.

To download the demo version (fully functional but limited to 30 clicks), start from this page.